Here at SME App Solutions we want to make things as simple as possible for you, so we don’t believe in having a range of prices based on the features that you would like on your app, or what devices you want your app to work on. We have just one price point and this lets you take advantage of all of our features and provides you with both an iOS and Android app that will work across both phones and tablets.

Your app will also be subject to a recurring monthly hosting fee of £60. This fee  allows your app to remain in both app stores, enables unlimited downloads of your app and unlimited push notifications. This fee also entitles you to a yearly update of your app. This update would usually take place in the weeks following Apples yearly major software update to ensure your app is equipped to take advantage of any new software features.

(Please note this fee can also be paid yearly at £600 saving you £120 compared to the monthly option.)

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