In thing blog we discuss the benefits of having a mobile app for you barbers / hair salon to help grow your business. Hair salons and barbershops in particular, mobile apps offer a bunch of great features to boost business cost-effectively.

Mobile Reservations. 

Customers can use your app and access mobile reservations linked directly to salon / barbers calendar. They can browse open slots and book appointments easily, while on the go. This saves your staff some time on the phone, and makes it simple for customers to get an appointment conveniently, especially if they don’t feel like calling in. This also prevents double booking and salon errors.

Appointment Reminders Notifications

You can send current customers reminders of regular appointments through your mobile app with push notifications.

Style Libraries

Using a simple photo gallery, you can collect photos of various styles, and have customers browse and select specific haircuts. That way, you can improve communication about styles, and hopefully get some clear guidance about what customers like.

Customer Photos = Image Testimonial

Your hair salon app can also have a feature that lets customers take photos and email them to you. This is great for creating a database of customer photos for testimonial purposes, advertising, or just reference. This can then be cross promoted across social media.

Special Offers

Push notifications allow you to drive activity on special promotions, deals, events, and offers. If you ever need to generate revenue during a down time, push notifications allow you to generate interest easily and proactively.

Loyalty Programs

A hair salon app allows you to offer a mobile loyalty program. You won’t need to print loyalty cards or track anything manually – it’s all done simply through users’ mobile devices.


A hair salon app can make referrals easy. With a single click, a user can post to a social media account on Facebook or Twitter about their experience with your business. This allows you to earn new business organically through the networks of existing customers.

Product Sales

If your salon has their own products you can sell it all through your mobile app. Customers can browse products, submit orders, and make payments easily, helping you open up a new revenue stream.


Having an SME designed app will increase your visibility, generate new business and build customer loyalty. It’s a simple way to ensure that your business adapts and evolves in this new era of mobile technology. . From design to submission, we can help you deliver an app that you can be proud to call yours and can really help your Hair Salon engage with your customers.

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