The latest generation of smartphones comes with an array of apps to get you started, from email and photography to navigation to weather. But every one of those default apps has at least one alternative on the app stores, and there are often dozens more that can represent a big upgrade.

These are the apps you’ll need to make your smartphone smarter from the SME Team #Recommendations and they definitely belong on your home screen.

Jude’s Recommendations

Fitbit: Tracks sleep, sets daily goals, challenges give me a bit of competition with friends whilst working.

Overcast: Podcast aggregator collates and auto downloads all of my podcasts to listen to on the go.

Tide Banking: SME Apps are a digital company, we use a digital bank run from this feature rich amazing app.

Invoice Wave: Let’s me track invoices in real time. Such as who has viewed, when it’s paid, who is overdue. Syncs with our Cloud-based accountancy software.

Google maps: Syncs with my car lets me plan journeys in advance, gives me estimated travel times for future travel, can record trips for mileage claims!

Andrews Recommendations

Google Keep: Incredibly useful note-taking app. Syncs across pretty much every device imaginable.

Apple Music: Really good streaming service and Beats1 radio are amazing, worth inclusion just for St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service and blonded radio.

Microsoft ToDo: Really simple to do app that syncs across all devices and with outlook accounts.

Apple Health: USed with the fitness app on the Apple Watch this builds up a really good health and exercise database.

Ellie’s Recommendations

Record It! Great app for showing mobile tutorials. Record It! allows you to record your screen and saves the video to your camera roll.

Ginventory: For any gin addict! A gin to gin and tonic, you can search your favourite gin, tonic or garnishes and discover the perfect service. You can even rate the gin and collection them a personal gin folder known as the ‘cabinet’ or add them to a wishlist.

Phonto: A simple app that allows you to add text and images to pictures. Ideal if your creating content for social media. It also allows you to install other fonts from platforms such as

Shazam: Helps you to discover and identify music on the go and also allows you to add your new music finds to your Spotify playlist with ease.


Comment below with your favourite mobile apps, we’d love to hear from you…