2017 was an extraordinary year for app development. A lot of business now recognising that mobile apps are no longer an optional investment, they are a necessity. Mobile is the very best way to meet customer demands and increase sales.

‘The number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is projected to rise to more than 254 billion, up from 57.33 billion in 2012, and mobile development is one of the most actively growing sectors in the industry.’

Here is a list of mobile app evolving trends to watch out for in 2018:

1. Internet of Things and Wearable Apps
The idea of a smart home, smart cities, smart health, and smart retail is growing. E.g Fitbit

2. Minimalism and Simple Color Schemes
The concept of speed does not necessarily concern only the technical side of the application. When the app has too many design elements, it may cause much-unwanted confusion for the user. Creating a minimalistic design makes the whole experience much easier .

3. Virtual Reality Apps
In 2018 VR will start to go beyond entertainment and gaming. Vitral reality allows the products and services to be presented in detail with the help of a visual experience for clients;

4. On-Demand Apps
On-demand applications are now very popular. They make our lives easier and more convenient, and we can use them from anywhere.

Examples include:
Food delivery
Taxi services

Why these apps are so popular:
Availability of nearby services
Timely services
Easy Payments

5. Application Security
The security of a smartphone is more crucial than ever because of the amount of personal user data it contains. Surprisingly, many people still do not take smartphone security as seriously as they should, which proves to be a concern for app developers as well. Apps with built-in security features can make a large difference in the app space. More developers will be adopting the use of this platform, providing better UX with more security features.

6. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and chatbots
Customised, conversational commerce and chatting with online shoppers are highly lucrative for any business. All off you know such amazing AI apps: Siri, Google Now. We are expecting much more in 2018 keeping the AI mobile application development trend intact.

The future for mobile apps certainly looks bright and challenging with innovative possibilities. Get onto the app hype with SME App Solutions. Please get in touch and one of our team members will talk to you about how your business can benefit from an app.