The restaurant industry is flourishing with the added support of technology. There are huge developments in technology which aids the restaurants and food delivery businesses alike.

As the marketing trends change, online reach is becoming dominant for your audience. In this blog post, we cover #7 reasons why your restaurant business needs to go mobile with the help of SME app solutions.

1# Online Slot Reservation
There are plenty of mobile apps that connect users with the closest restaurants and provide them with the required details to reserve the table. Various active restaurants, through online registration, are connected to such requests. Make it easier for customers to reserve a table directly through your restaurant’s app with an online reservation feature.

2# Grow Your Bookings
Through making it easier for customers to book a table through your app it will lead to a boost in reservation bookings leading to a growth.

3# Online presence, especially on social media
Having an online social presence is critical when having a business in any sector especially restaurants. To have an active online presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it ensures brand awareness. Restaurants can link their social platforms within the app, doing so will encourage diners (especially millennials) to share their experience with your restaurant on social media, driving further customer engagement.

4# The Value in Loyalty
It’s rare to visit a business and not be asked for your loyalty card, or encouraged to sign up for their loyalty program. Loyalty programs are one of the top three motivators for customers to spend more, and your own mobile app is the easiest way to offer your customers a loyalty program that is convenient.

#5 Stronger, Authentic Visuals
Your website and your mobile app should use professionally styled photographs, but your app can also help establish authenticity. Including a gallery of ‘regular’ photographs in your app will do this. A mobile app is also a great platform for including user-generated content (UGC).

#6 Simplified Reviews
With built in-app reviews, you encourage customers to use your app, while making it easier for new customers to find reviews of your restaurant.

#7 Push Notifications
Not only do push notifications have a higher view and click-through ratios than email, but they also have a significant impact on app engagement and retention rates. Mobile apps using push notifications have a 26% higher app open rate, along with 92% higher retention rates.

The reasons push notifications work are because people have their mobile phones with them the majority of the time. They bypass the lock screen, so people can see them without having to open another app. Push notifications are little-to-no-cost. Aside from the time needed to create the notifications, and maybe a bit of time to segment your lists and create geo-targeting rules, the actual cost is minimal meaning they have a better marketing ROI over other forms of business promotion.

The reasons for having an app for your restaurant are really obvious, simple and yet essential. SME offers custom mobile app development, which is sure to meet all your requirements and allow you to get a powerful app in a few weeks.