SME App Features

Do you want a better and more forward thinking way to engage with your customers? Why not utilise an app built by SME App Solutions.

Unlike a website a mobile app lives on your clients Apple or Android phones, so it is always there prompting them to engage with your business. We will work with you to make sure your app contains all of the features that your customers want and need.

Push Notifications

The most direct way to engage with your clients push notifications let you reach your customers wherever they are.

Whether it is details of an unexpected booking slot, a flash sale just for app users, or even info about changes to opening hours push notifications are the easiest and most direct way to reach your customers.

You can choose to reach all of your clients, or divide them into groups, and schedule your messages to be delivered at just the right time.

Loyalty Schemes

Reward your most loyal and frequent customers. Just like a stamp card but much more difficult to lose!

Customise your loyalty care to best suit your business. You choose how many stamps are required, and the award that is generated. It really couldn’t be simpler to use so why not start rewarding your clients.

Booking System

Let your customers make bookings, it couldn’t be more straight forward to make a reservation than through an app.

Avoid missed appointments with convenient reminder messages, maximise revenue by taking deposits at the time of booking.

Ideal for hair stylists, beauticians and personal trainers to name just a few.

This is just a small selection of the features offered by SME App Solutions, some others include:

  • Allow customers to easily get in touch with your business through out customisable contact forms and file upload options.
  • Social media integration. Make your app an integral part of your social experience. Sync your networks with your app, and promote your app on social platforms.

For full details of all of our app features and to work out what will work best for your customers please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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